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Avantice Corp Service Company is one of the best regional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers by offering exceptional strategic, efficient, and secure horizontal BPO services to off-shore and near-shore e-commerce companies.

We are an energetic, innovative and customer-driven organization base in the heart of Makati City, Philippines. We are dedicated to developing our workforce and to provide the team with a challenging, high-performance yet caring and pleasant working environment.

Avantice Corporation is a multi-Nationalities company which will provide an opportunity for candidates to experience different cultures and enriches both personal and professional aspects for the individual.

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Makati City
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Our Mission

Providing best of breed services that contributes to the growth and success of our brands.

Our Vision

The role model of a strategic service partner.

Passion for results Completely aligning with our brands for their success

Services We Provide

Customer Servicing

Excellent customer service is an essential element of business operations and that its quality can significantly affect...

Backroom Operations

The company’s backroom operation focuses on administration and support personnel services...

KYC Operations

All over the world, Governmental agencies of different countries have imposed stringent laws and regulations such as Anti-Money...

IT Functional Analysis

Company tends to provide analysis of figures, elements, and factors that provides an in depth understanding of the business...

Web Design & UX/UI

Effective websites should have quality, reliable and professional content that caters to the needs of its customers and...

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We are licensed to operate under the Philippine Law.